University – 2nd year

University – 2nd year

Here are some inspirational pics of my food. Please enjoy and ask me for the recipes! They’re all student-friendly!

I have organized my cooking chronologically. I started cooking in residence because I opted not to take the food plan in residence.  

The meals I cooked in residence were sometimes less well prepared than I would like because I had to share a stove with everyone in residence and I was just venturing ino the kitchen armed with a pot and pan, some utensils and not much experience. And, before my first year in residence was completed, the university forced everyone out of residence due to Covid and that certainly interrupted my cooking a little.  

In second year I had moved out of residence and could plan and cook my meals without rushing (I had a kitchen in the apartment I was renting) and I think the results start looking a bit better – at least it was an improvement over what I was able to make in residence.  You can follow my “cooking progression” in the images.  Now that I am in third year, I feel that I can prepare meals that look pretty appetizing.  Anyways, I hope these pictures demonstrate that wherever and whenever you start, whatever your skill level, you can get better with practice;  little by little, you will improve!  And, soon you’ll enjoy the process even more.  And most importantly, you will be eating healty, nutricious home-cooked food at a reasonable price.



Cooking in second year - getting better!

Home Visit

Okay – I was home for the summer after all students in residence were forced to leave due to COVID in the winter of 2020.  So while at home, I decided to cook a Persian feast later that spring.  Clearly the table and chairs aren’t standard residence furnisher.  To get started we bought some koobidek skewers at a local Persian hardward store and with a hot BBQ in the backyard, I put together a Persian feast. 

end of summer and beginning of second year

quaranteen cooking before start of second year

second year cooking